Jiko Dura (Kuni)

KSh 3,800.00

Save on Kuni!

  • Punguza gharama ya Kuni
  • 50% Less Kuni
  • 60% Less Smoke
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime of 3+ Years
  • Save up to Ksh 1,500/= on Kuni
  • Price includes Delivery

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Every family likes to save money. With EcoZoom, you save money every time you cook, transforming your home in the process. Our jikos are healthy for your family and good for the environment, so you can feel good AND be smart. The Zoom Dura saves an average of 55% on firewood, meaning more free time and money for you to do the things you love with the people you care about. And with 70% less smoke, you can put the headache of dirty cooking behind you. Go ahead, kiss soot-covered walls and dirty lungs goodbye!

As a result of rocket stove technology, the Dura burns cleaner and more efficiently, meaning fewer harmful emissions and less fuel needed. This jiko features a refractory metal combustion chamber and high-grade ceramic insulation that increase the life of your stove, and improve combustion efficiency. Unlike many other fuel-efficient firewood jikos, the Zoom Dura’s doorframe is reinforced metal to improve the life of the stove by preventing wear and tear. The Zoom Dura has a cast iron stovetop, selected for its optimal heat transference and durability. Available in two sizes: Zoom Dura (24cm cast iron top) and Zoom Dura Super (28cm cast iron top).

The Zoom Dura firewood stove is built to withstand the test of time. Its durability give it its name. Beyond practicality, it produces 70% less smoke than a typical jiko, meaning a transformational effect for your home, health, and the environment.

Jiko Dura Tech Sheet (4780 downloads)

Additional information




Diameter-28 cm (Super)/24 cm (Regular) H-29.21 cm


W-11.4 cm H-4 10.8 cm

Shipping Weight

7 kg (regular)/9 kg (super)


Refractory metal combustion chamber to withstand high temperatures


High-grade, lightweight ceramic insulation – not ceramic fiber

Stove top

Universal cast iron stove top for maximum heat transfer with any pot


Stick support with installation sockets

Door Frame

Reinforced metal door frame for increased durability


Steel handles with silicon grips for safe moving and shaking while lit


1 year warranty


2-5 year stove life

Fuel Type



70% less smoke = less coughing, soot, headaches and blurry eyes