Jiko Bora

Our members were unable to pay cash upfront for the jiko.The Sacco enabled the members to access the jikos after paying the first installment and pay the rest in installments

JudyMember - HomaBay County Women SACCO

With my previous jiko I used to use 1 gunia per month and spend 1,000 per month .With the Jiko bora I use the same gunia for around 3 months and save Ksh 2000/= on charcoal.

Jackyfrom Ongata Rongai - Business Lady



Some customers prefer to pay cash on delivery on the products, so that they can get an explanation on the benefits as well as a demonstration.Through distribution models such as Livelyhoods jobs are created and personalized service is guaranteed.

Veronicah Operations - Ismart/Livelyhoods

I ordered for the Ecozoom Jiko and the Multilight, an Ismart Agent delivered it to my office, explained the functionalities and assisted me to activate my warranty after which I paid for the products

DennisCustomer - Livelyhoods - Embakasi

Jiko Fresh

The Jiko fresh is a more affordable option. At 3100 you can pay once or twice.It lights fast,the cast iron enables you to cook using all sizes of sufurias efficiently

GraceSACCO Manager - Nkasha SACCO

The salty water in the Coast region,accelerates rusting for most jikos.The cast iron top on the Ecozoom jikos withstands rusting, the steel sieve also does not disintergrate,you get value for your money.

BettyCustomer Experience - Jubilant, Mombasa

Radio Lamp

The Radiolamp from Ecozoom is more popular with our members, because of the utility it provides,It is comparatively brighter than other solar lights,It has radio,memory card and a usb feature,additionally the two year warranty assures the customer of quality and customer care.

Risper Manager - FSA Makueni

Through Distributors who offer Loan facilities to customers, such as Yehu,ArK Development,Jubilant in Mombasa,Malindi & Kilifi.Juhudi Kilimo-Rift Valley & Central and the Fsas in Eastern;Givewatts for schools and teachers.Access to Jikos and Solar lights is easier than ever

KarinSales Manager - Ecozoom East Africa



I bought two multi lights.One to act as a supplement in my house in town during blackouts, I took the other one to the village since electricity is yet to reach my shags and I need my children to have good light when studying.

RodgersLaborer - Timau Flowers

Customers save up to buy home appliances.We prefer distributing quality products that deliver on longevity to our members. Ecozoom products live up to the quality standards of our customers making them a partner of choice for us

PatrickManager - Juhudi Kilimo, Syongiroi